MERLIN GROTE                                            


My passion for the Concert and Flamenco guitar was aroused by a musician and lute maker i came across. With the age of 16, I made the decision to take classical guitar lessons. At the same time I first felt the desire to learn the craft of guitar making. So I decided to make a work experience in the restoration workshop at the Handelhouse (Halle/Saale) and in the workshop of the instrument maker Jörg Dahms (Wittenberg).

Later on during longer stays in Seville (Spain), I made my first experiences with flamenco music. The following years, I devote myself the flamenco guitar studies and started as well working as a musician, playing for flamenco dance classes, realising my own musical projects, playing as guest musician in different projects and give guitar lessons.

From 2009 until 2010, I worked as a trainee in the violin and restoration workshop of Markus v. Wrochen (Cologne). There I have done first restoration works on violins and cellos. In the same year i began my study at the International School of Guitar Making in Newark, England, where I learned the craft of guitar making under guidance of Adrian Lucas, James Lister und Malachy Brady.

2012 I received my diploma (Guitarmaking) with destinction. During the same time I made my diploma in toolmaking  Performing Engineering Oparations (EAL Level 2 NVQ) as well.

2012-2013 I studied violoinmaking at the Newark School of Violinmaking.

Since 2013 I work in my own workshop in Cologne.